Monday, May 18, 2009

Solar Powered Phone - Samsung "Blue Earth"

This fantastic design from Samsung alows the green energy of the sun to charge and operate the samsung "blue earth" mobile phone.

The phone is designed to resemble the shape of a shiny pebble, and uses a small solar panel to provide power.

“This phone demonstrates our small but meaningful commitments for the future and our environment,” said JK Shin, an executive vice president at Samsung.

Blue Earth is made from recycled plastic and features a special “Eco Mode” that users can access with a single click to wring the maximum energy use from the device.

A full solar charge of around 10 to 14 hours will provide enough power for around four hours of talk time. The handset can still be charged normally using a conventional plug, with the solar panels used to top up the battery during use.

It also has a built-in pedometer to help users to measure how much smaller their carbon footprint is when walking rather than driving.

Blue Earth goes on sale in the UK later this year and Samsung did not give any details about price or network partners. However, sources hinted that the handset was likely to be priced at the upper end of the market.

Samsung’s eco-friendly phone was not the only solar-powered mobile at the show. LG also unveiled a prototype solar-powered handset, but did not say when the device would go on sale.

Samsung also launched the first mobile phone capable of recording high-definition footage. The Omnia HD boasts an ultra-sharp 3.7in touch-screen, and can capture and play back high-definition video shot in the 720p format, which puts it on a par with some modern camcorders.

Although it has been released for a few months now, we can expect to see this be the way mobile devicing goes. with solar panels becoming smaller and more efficient, laptops and other portable media should soon be following suit.

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  1. Very cool, and amazingly well designed as well. Thanks for posting the link!