Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Samsung HMX 106 HD 64GB SSD Camcorder

Samsung has introduced its first Solid state full 1080i Camcorder to the market.
The Solid state design is the first ever camcorder to utilize 64GB SSD technology.

The design is simple yet this compact camcorder boasts some pretty amazing features. For one it features the 64GB solid state drive, Full 1080i high resolution capture, SDHC slot, 10x optical zoom through a Schneider Kreuznach Varioplan lens, hardware image stabilization, 1/4.5 inch, 2.2 mega-pixel CMOS imaging sensor and 4.7-megapixel CCD still shooting and a built-in flash.

there will be connection via HDMI and also a touch screen display panel for navigation, which you find standard on most high end camcorder products these days.

Be prepared to pay for this new range, currently samsung will politely be asking you to fork out $900 rrp for this little gem.

with 64 GB storage you will be able to save an impressive 12 hours of video and that is on full 1080i Fine resolution, not too sloppy at all!

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