Thursday, April 30, 2009

Macbook Carbon Fibre

Apple has made an application for patent on carbon fiber composite shell yesterday.
This is fueling speculation that Apple may be soon manufacturing notebooks and other portable devices such as the Iphone with carbon fiber shells.

This in return with make the devices considerably lighter and much more durable.
The patent states that the fiber will only have a thin layer of resin so the arguably stylish carbon fibre look will remain visible. I for one am a fan of the carbon fiber style and have every faith that Apple will make this a classy finish and design.

*this model is a custom made job, hopefully apple can get the finish a little more elegant.

Rumors point toward the first release of the carbon fiber models may indeed make a debut with the next gen mac book air that is another quarter pound less than current models. The rumors seem to be quiet possible as reducing the weight of the outer shells of current products by simply replacing with light weight carbon fiber casing seems like a logical design step for the Company.

Fingers crossed we will see the sleek, practical carbon fibre design released shortly onto the market.

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The Next Gen Iphone Rumours Lurk

Rumors of the next gen Iphone device from Apple have hit the web.

Today's gadget isn't on the market yet but the sheer potential awesomeness of this product deserves a mention.

Apple and Verizon are rumored to be working on a iphone nano type phone. Basically a nice super light super thin version of the iphone. Previously Iphone has been exclusive to At&T but Verizon may be getting exclusive rights on the next generation release from Apple. Rumor has it the device could be release in the coming few months!

Another incredible Apple product is the "media pad".
it has the same functionality as a ipod touch - music, games, and Wi-FI.

It should be a little smaller than the Kindle 2 but with a bigger touchscreen.