Monday, May 4, 2009

5 Watches With More Features Than Your PC

#5 Sony Ericson MBW 100

The MBW at first glance looks cool and seems like a standard classy didgital watch. But underneath it has some neat gadgets.
First off is the Bluetooth interface which connects to your mobile phone to display current caller details. With the hit of a button you can dismiss the cal without digging around in your pockets for your cell phone. The watch also notifies you of an incoming text message, and informs you when you wander out of cell phone range.
Second, you can access your phones media player and fast forward, rewind and skip music tracks.
With a stainless steel body and scratch resistant crystal window it looks fantastic and it durable to boot. Water Resistant up to 30 meters.

Its going to set you back around $399.

#4 LG's G910 Touch Watch Phone

Orange is the first carrier in Europe to offer the LG G910.
featuring an accompanying Bluetooth headset, a full touch screen interface, 3g and video calling. Unfortuantely there is no word on pricing as yet but hopefully the details should be released shortly

#3 LED Binary Watch

This ones for the ultimate geeks, the Binary Watch. The watch face contains 10 blue LEDs that are used to indicate the numbers of the binary sequence (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32) and the values of the lighted LEDs are added to determine the time. There are two rows of LEDs - the top row for the hours and the bottom row for the minutes.

It even comes with a user manual on how to read the time, but im sure anyone buying this kind of watch should be able to cope without the training manual

The pricing i tracked down seems to be around the $259 - $279 mark.

#2 Garmin Forerunner 405

This ones for the Athletes. With an on board GPS, this watch can track distance covered and at what speed you have been traveling. If you like to boast about your running skills, the phone has a proprietary wireless system called ANT+ which will allow youi to swap data about your run wirelessly. You can also download the data via USB to your pc to keep track of your workouts.

Suggested retails sits at $299

#1 M500 Cell Watch

Now this unit is feature packed. Boasting full touch screen, with Java and WAP ability all displayed on a 1.5" color TFT Touch screen.
Full support for MP3 and AAC, MP4 video playback. A small but handy 128 MB internal storage and 80 hour standby on battery. There is also a built in USB for transfer and recharging.
Plenty of features here especially for something that fits on your wrist.

The retail is a whopping $1000, so your going to have to digg deep for this one.

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