Monday, May 11, 2009

Lacie Achieves the 10TB stoarage barrier

Lacie has announced significant advancement in its two recognized award winning network storage solutions. The systems are referred to as 2big Network and the LaCie 5big Network have undergone upgrades to include performance, more features, and above all extreme capacity expansion.

The LaCie 5big Network operates via a Gigabit Ethernet connection and hosts 5 hot swappable drives that support seven raid modes, plenty enough to keep any system administrator or home network enthusiast happy as Larry. With the latest achievement the system boasts a mouth frothing 10TB of data.

The system is now compatible with Time Machine backup software, which means with one click on the LaCie administrator website, all Mac computers on a shared LAN can access the 5big Network to perform a variety of backups.

Users will be able to play media from the NAS through devices such as the Xbox and PS3. If thats not enough it is also compatible with iTunes server to provide enough storage for the most hardcore music enthusiasts.

Currently Lacie is expecting to be selling this mammoth for $799 from the Lacie website.

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