Monday, May 11, 2009

Activision Announces DJ Hero - First Pictures

Pictures of the newest installment from activisons DJ hero, have finally filtered through to the online world. Details are still a little sketchy about exactly how to use the new controller, but it looks pretty straight forward.

If Guitar hero's success is anything to go by, the new DJ hero has big shoes to fill. So far the Guitar Hero franchise has sold over 25million units, which is incredibly impressive for any game manufacturer.

After jumping on the Guitar Hero bandwagon this weekend, myself and a few mates headed to the bottle shop, then to a local retailer and spent the following nights strumming, drumming and screaming our way to virtual rock stardom. Waking on monday blurry eyed wondering where the heck the weekend just went. I have to say the hype is worth it, such a great unique idea finally has breathed some new life into the sometimes stale gaming world for the casual gamers, not seen since the gimmick filled unique nintendo wii was released.

The news of a new Hero series came as Activision Blizzard, the megapublisher formed out of the merger of California-based Activision and the games unit of French conglomerate Vivendi, announced more than $189m (£125m) in profit for the past three months.

Guitar Hero fans will be salivating on the release details for the new DJ Hero no doubt. hopefully we will have more news shortly.

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