Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mimo mini USB Monitors - The Handy Sidekicks

Ever find yourself running out of desktop space? need a little more elbow room for all your apps? Well Nanovision's "Mimo" is the answer.

If you looking to extend you display to squeeze that extra window or displaying a couple of windows at a time there's a new kid on the Block. Mimo is a 6 x 3.5Inch mini screen that extends your display. This cool new design means you wont need a second video card or VGA port, it simply plugs in via USB connection.

One current model, the mimo710, Has a 7inch display, 800 x 480 resolution, 350cd/ms brightness and 400:1 contrast ratio. Basically all the specs you would need for a compact secondary monitor.

This unit can also be tilted for either portrait or landscape mode. There is a a second USB connection is included for systems that do not meet power requirements.

These units are out now, you can pick up the 710 model for $129.99. There is a touch model, the 740, which has full touch screen with integrated webcam and and microphone and is currently costing $199.

With the simplicity of USB connectivity, expect a new generation of USB based monitors to start squeezing into the market. Consumers are looking for that elusive spare desktop space and the Mimo should fit the job perfectly.

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