Thursday, May 7, 2009

3rd Gen Ipod Shuffle announced - Smaller than a AA battery

Apples latest release in the ipod range is the new Ipod Shuffle. The 3rd generation in the line is impressively tiny, smaller than a AA battery, expect to loose this into the couch daily. The current model will hold 4GB of music. A new feature included is VoiceOver, which lets it speak the names of tracks, artists and playlists.

Design on the new model is simple, as expected from most apple products.All playback controls are input via controls on the headphones, the only button on the ipod itself is a tiny switch that allows you to turn the unit off, put your music in shuffle mode, or play your songs in order.

The inline remote has 3 function buttons, volume up and down and a center button. double clicking skips to next track, triple click sends you to the last track, double click and hold and triple click and hold fast forward and rewind respectively.

Expect a Battery run time Up to 10 hours and Battery recharge time, 80% charged in 2 hrs, fully charged in 3 hrs.

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