Friday, May 1, 2009

Imation Announces Its Two New SSD Range

Imation have announced two new lines of Solid State Disks or (SSD's) The lines will be the S-Class and the M-Class and are available in 32GB- 64GB-and 128GB capacities.

For the budget-minded consumer, the M-Class boasts a 150MB/s read speed and 90MB/s write speed which is on par with current models, and comes in a sleek black oxide finish priced starting at around $189. If you would like to splash out and step up a notch, the S-Class reads at 130MB/s and writes 120MB/s speeds and comes in stainless steel finish. Quiet a nice performance it is boasting i must say. However you will be paying for it at around $659.

*The M class, ohh so pretty! *The S-class, very sleek

I have been running a SSD in my home pc now for a couple of months and i must say im very happy with the bang for buck im getting from my ocz 32Gig drive. Of corse it is a must to have a nice fat secondary drive as i fill this puppy up in no time.

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