Sunday, May 3, 2009

Archos 2 Media Player

The next generation to the Archos 105 Personal Media Player hit shops in the last couple of days. The Archos 2 has been available for pre-order for some time, but it has just now become available for purchase via the Archos website. The product is expected to ship shortly.

You can get this little beauty in 8 GB, and 16 GB. All navigation will be carried out on the units sleek 1.8 inch LCD. There is also a microSD slot for memory expansion which is a critical missing link in the apple portable media ipods and iphones. Currently the market should be expecting this unit in either White or Black, although there is talk of a funky purple design that may also come onto the market. Another feature of the Archos 2 is voice recording, and will be offered for $60 (8 GB) or $100 (16 GB). Archos are best known for releasing quality portable media for a much lower cost than the big competitors.

Unfortunately it is not compatible with AAC media file types such as those downloaded from Itunes, but the standard WMA and MP3 formats are available.
The Archos boasts 10 hours of continual playback and can be charged via USB which is always handy.

We are not going to see the Archos taking top sales over apple or zunes portable players but it should be a fantastic cheaper alternative. No doubt you will be seeing them on the street shortly.

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