Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Retro Mini Handheld NES System

For all you die had NES fans out there, finally there is a inexpensive hand held system that allows you to directly plug in those old, dust gathering Nintendo cartridges and relive the good ol' days of gaming.

Thinkgeek has a hand held portable NES console. All it needs is 4 AA batteries and your off to retro gaming heaven. Featuring a 2.4" LCD TFT Screen, built in speakers, headphone jack, Composite NTSC video/audio out cables to plug into a tv and runs for around 8 hours. Measuring just 15cm x 9cm x 4cm, this unit is truly portable.

Nintendo cartridges plug directly into the top of the handheld, and although the cartridge is almost twice the size of the portable, this is part of its charm we think.

you can pick one up today from thinkgeek for $49.99

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